Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twelfth Night Celebration

Emy patted her belly and groaned. The winter had been hard and cold. Snow covered the land for much of the early winter and the berries she could find to eat had been withered on the vine. Her stomach grumbled and growled for much of the time and it seemed as if she would never get enough to eat. But yesterday she and the Queen of the Fae had attended Twelfth Night in a distant realm. Upon arrival, Emy was delighted to learn that a feast would be prepared and made arrangements with the keeper of the gate to attend the feast, hours away, but welcome nonetheless. Emy had taken the precaution of packing some of her paints and gilding supplies in her pouch and was pleased to see that a table had been set aside for the use of those who wished to pursue the scribal arts. She claimed a spot by simply setting her paintbox on the table and flew off to say hello to old friends and new. The Queen of the Fae, although not honored with that title in this realm, had already located friends and was chatting away, renewing old friendships and making new ones. Emy visited the vendors who had set up gaily colored wares for sale. She peered into every available bin, looking for shiny things, but finding only natural dyed linen threads, books, lengths of brilliant cloth and the odd bit of clothing she sighed and headed for the table where she pulled out her paints to prepare a picture for the addition of her favorite shiny gold leaf.

A gracious lady in waiting to the Baroness who was hosting the event (with her husband the Baron) offered Emy an invitation to the Reception being held in her honor, so she wandered over and partook of many sweet and lighted spiced delicacies , many of which were new to her. She chatted with some new arrivals and then retreated to the table where she once again became absorbed in her painting while she listened to the Bardic Competition and marveled at the songs that were sung and the stories that were told.

While Emy was listening to these marvelous fabrications, she received a visit from a woman who asked her many questions about the type of gold that had been used in a particular scroll on display on the Arts table. Emy chatted amiably with her, not realizing she was a Laurel of the Queens Arms (and a far more experienced gilder than herself) until the woman beside her revealed this in a whisper. Although awed by the presence of so learned a person, Emy managed to maintain intelligent conversation and offered the woman a couple of sheets of her highly prized shiny gold leaf for her to play with.

A trio of musicians set up in a corner of the hall and Emy's heart began to leap. Now was the time for the dancing to begin! Alas, she could not secure a partner and was forced to watch as all the men in the hall began to dance with their ladies. But Emy watched carefully, noticing many new steps and enjoying the music and laughter. Eventually the musicians and dancers retired to the edge of the hall in preparation for Court of the Baron and Baroness. Becoming a bit hungry by now, Emy squirmed in her seat as she watched the peerage recognize those who had worked on behalf of the event and the Barony. Scrolls and prizes were awarded and Court was mercifully brief. Emy awaited Feast with great anticipation...

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