Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple Role Play

Erebos is a place where anything can happen, even when you are doing the most mundane things. I had just finished setting up the faery mushroom ring for Sunday's Fae Fest and was discussing the upcoming event with our Queen when the evil drow Hawk appeared on a hill above us.

This is an excellent example of impromptu role play. There were no IMs regarding the outcome of the role play; we just played it as we saw it.

The Actors:
Hawk Repine, Drow
Casandra Shilova, Queen of the Erebos Fae
Emyly Beaumont, Fae

[18:44] Hawk Repine grins a little as he sees the Fae below.
[18:44] Emyly Beaumont notices the drow
[18:45] Emyly Beaumont says: Cas wake up
[18:45] Casandra Shilova shakes her head
[18:45] Hawk Repine fingers his dagger... and moves slowly closer.
[18:45] Emyly Beaumont grins: Hawk has come to dance in our faery circle
[18:46] Hawk Repine's eyes narrow.
[18:46] Hawk Repine: I have come to dance but not in your circle..*grins evilly*
[18:46] Emyly Beaumont moves into the circle and says: this is the only place I dance
[18:47] Casandra Shilova backs away from the look in Hawk's eyes
[18:48] Hawk Repine: I hear the citizens of Erebos are outraged as to the events around Justine.. is this be true?
[18:48] Emyly Beaumont watches Hawk stand just outside the magic ring
[18:48] Casandra Shilova: it is
[18:48] Casandra Shilova moves further into the circle
[18:49] Casandra Shilova begins dancing with Emy
[18:49] Hawk Repine: watches the two.. as his anger grow.. "you best not be dancing now as I will be cutting off your wings!" *he draws his sword*
[18:50] Casandra Shilova looks at him
[18:50] Casandra Shilova: this is a fae circle. it is enchanted
[18:50] Hawk Repine looks at the circle
[18:50] Emyly Beaumont wonders if Hawk dares cross into the faery ring
[18:50] Casandra Shilova: you can not cross over it with harmful intent and have it work to your advantage
[18:51] Hawk Repine looks at the Fae and then the circle.. "I best not cross this line.. no tellin' what you two have set up here"
[18:52] Emyly Beaumont says: it is just a faery circle, and smiles
[18:52] Hawk Repine: turns and walks away.. "there will be another day" *his eyes narrow as he walks away*
[18:52] Casandra Shilova: ...because she really does not want harm to come to Hawk, nods to him

Even though Casandra is Seelie, I think she is too nice to Hawk who always wants to cut off fae wings. I much prefer throwing berries at him....

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Casandra Shilova said...

aw well, I like Hawk. Erebos is much more entertaining with him around. And ... he hasn't caught me yet!