Sunday, February 21, 2010

A dragon, two fae and shiny things

[5:53] 2ks Gears looks round his cave immediately noticing some of his gold has gone
[5:54] Emyly Beaumont pats her pouch and smiles: she has just found some new shiny thing
[5:55] 2ks Gears thinks its time the Dragon started collecting from the creatures of Erebos, either gold or limbs, he doesn’t really care which
[5:55] Emyly Beaumont giggles: that ole dragon will never catch me
[5:57] 2ks Gears with a powerful downward thrust of his wings he takes to the skies, building his fire knowing he will release it at someone or something
[5:58] Emyly Beaumont flies off to count the bees in the hive (easily distracted)
[6:06] 2ks Gears flies round looking to find a victim
[6:06] Emyly Beaumont is hungry and finds some berry bushes by the fae tree
[6:08] 2ks Gears sniffs the air, picking up a familiar scent
[6:09] 2ks Gears spies a small figure sitting against the tree
[6:09] Emyly Beaumont nods off to sleep
[6:09] Jordon McGillivary lifts his wings and spreads them going in search of Emy
[6:10] 2ks Gears knows by the time he finds her she will be a pile of ash
[6:10] 2ks Gears wonders if his fire will hurt the wings of the fae as she rests against the wood
[6:10] Jordon McGillivary: the silly fae is probably stuffing herself somewhere
[6:10] Emyly Beaumont wakes when she feels unnaturally worn and notices the ancient one
{6:11] Ancient One (2ks Gears) roars down at the fae " do you have my gold ?"
[6:12] Jordon McGillivary: Emy WAKE UP
[6:12] Emyly Beaumont looks at the ancient one and grins
[6:12] Emyly Beaumont says: but I found it just lying around...
[6:12] Jordon McGillivary: wants to cower behind the tree
[6:12] Jordon McGillivary: Emy! get on your feet and apologize
[6:12] Jordon McGillivary: NOW!
[6:12] Ancient One (2ks Gears) flames the air round her to let her feel the heat of a Dragon
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont puts her hands on her hips: well it was just lying there. obviously no one wanted it
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary reaches over and shakes her
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont sweats a bit and realizes she is in trouble this time
[6:13] Jordon McGillivary: don't be foolish. a dragon always wants his gold
[6:13] Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon for answers: you mean... give it back?
[6:14] Ancient One (2ks Gears) says 'you have a choice return my gold , doubled in value or feel the heat of a Dragon on your back'
[6:14] Jordon McGillivary: yes!!! that is exactly what I mean. before he toasts us
[6:14] Ancient One (2ks Gears) says 'it is good advice .......................'
6:14] Emyly Beaumont ponders this statement for a while and comes to the realization that it is better to be alive to feel the spring than to carry pretty shinies
[6:15] Jordon McGillivary: I'm sure she didn't mean it 2k, well she did, but she is just a foolish fae who likes pretty shiny things
[6:15] Emyly Beaumont digs deep in her pouch and extracts a shiny gold crown
[6:15] Jordon McGillivary: my wings are getting hot, aren't yours?
[6:15] Ancient One (2ks Gears) says 'No one touches a Dragons hoard without being punished'
[6:15] Emyly Beaumont sniffs and hands the crown to the ancient one
[6:16] Emyly Beaumont cries: but it is so pretty and shiny with all those white pearls on it
[6:16] Jordon McGillivary: you'd better grovel my girl
[6:17] Emyly Beaumont sniffs and wipes her nose on her arm: grovel?
[6:17] Jordon McGillivary: yes! grovel and do it well
[6:17] Jordon McGillivary: didn't you hear what he said about punishment
[6:17] Emyly Beaumont looks at jordon and says: you are mean
[6:18] Jordon McGillivary: looks at her incredulously..."mean? I am realistic"
[6:18] Emyly Beaumont says: I do nott want to grovel. maybe he will be happy just if I give it back. then he can go away
[6:19] Jordon McGillivary: hah! only if he takes pity on you
[6:19] Emyly Beaumont giggles: I would not taste very good anyway and I would only be a mouthful
[6:22] Ancient One (2ks Gears) snatches his gold back from from the fae " where is my profit"
[6:22] Jordon McGillivary looks to Emy
[6:22] Emyly Beaumont squeals: your profit? it was just lying around
[6:22] Jordon McGillivary: what else can you give him?
[6:22] Jordon McGillivary: think fast
[6:23] Emyly Beaumont hugs her pouch tightly against her small body and quivers
[6:23] Emyly Beaumont says to the Ancient One: I gave it back
[6:23] Ancient One (2ks Gears) fills the air with fire , letting it go over her head " i want double back what you took"
[6:23] Jordon McGillivary: ....Emmmmy....
[6:24] Emyly Beaumont shakes as she feels the blast form a stream of fire
[6:24] Jordon McGillivary backs away from the flame
[6:24] Jordon McGillivary: don't be foolish, give him a pretty bauble
[6:24] Emyly Beaumont quickly reaches into her pouch and pulls out a shiny diamond ring
[6:24] Emyly Beaumont offers it to the dragon: here, I don’t need this anymore
[6:24] Jordon McGillivary: Ancient One, she did not realize what she was doing
[6:25] Ancient One (2ks Gears) glares down at the two fae , one being guilty , the other being guilty by association " I want gold and i want gold now" he roars loudly into the air
[6:26] Jordon McGillivary inspects his pouch
[6:26] Emyly Beaumont trembles and looks in her pouch again: I only have a shiny rock that linwe gave me
[6:27] Jordon McGillivary knocks aside a travel bar, jerky, a ribbon from a lady...
[6:27] Emyly Beaumont reaches into the pouch and pulls out a piece of gold ore. Not knowing what it is, she holds it out and says: look! it sparkles in the sunlight!
[6:27] Jordon McGillivary and pulls out one lone gold coin
[6:27] Ancient One (2ks Gears) says 'you mean you had a shiney rock linwe gave you " holds out his claws to take the shiney as he watches the male look for his payment"'
[6:27] Jordon McGillivary sighs
[6:28] Jordon McGillivary and hands the gold piece to the angry dragon
[6:28] Emyly Beaumont starts to cry because she has no big shiny things left in her pouch
[6:28] Jordon McGillivary: here you are sir
[6:28] Jordon McGillivary: I hope this will ease your ire
[6:28] Ancient One (2ks Gears) takes both shineys, places them in his mouth for safe keeping , " if you ever go into my cave again i will keep you there "
[6:29] Emyly Beaumont nods and sniffles
[6:29] Emyly Beaumont whispers to jordon: do you think he will go away now?
[6:30] Jordon McGillivary whispers "I do not know, but I hope for your sake he does"
[6:30] Ancient One (2ks Gears) knowing their cave is about here somewhere he sets fire to the surroundings and a few trees to remind them of his power " i will be watching you two very closely from now on "
[6:31] Jordon McGillivary nods and rolls his eyes. see what you caused Emy?
[6:31] Emyly Beaumont looks at the Ancient One and vows to stay out of his sight for a bit
[6:31] Emyly Beaumont watches as her swing goes up in flames
[6:32] Jordon McGillivary bows to the ancient one
[6:32] Ancient One (2ks Gears) beats his powerful wings downwards as he takes to the skies his anger flowing from him as he feels the new shinies under his tongue
[6:32] Jordon McGillivary: you're lucky it wasn't your wings
[6:32] Emyly Beaumont wonders where she will get enough new shinies to fill her pouch
[6:38] Jordon McGillivary: I did not appreciate the need to bribe him to leave me unharmed
[6:39] Emyly Beaumont hangs her head and looks up at jordon, saying in a very small voice: I am sorry
[6:39] Emyly Beaumont wonders again where she can collect some new shinies
[6:40] Jordon McGillivary looks at her "oh well, apology accepted"

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