Friday, February 13, 2009

Fae/Angel/Mer Dance

This has been a project to pull together! This event was planned by a Mermaid who used to be Fae. She had a vision of fae & angel swooping over trees in Aglarond. She also had a vision of Merfolk "dancing" in the same fashion (but under water). After explaining that mer dances are very different from those for bipeds, AND that I could not work two dance huds at once, we came to a compromise. I will choreograph dances for the bipeds and include as many "air" dances as I can. I will also provide a "chim" full of mer dances. So tonight I bought the cutest little seahorse for a chim and added 25 mer dances to it, for a total of 27 dances. While the mer chim will not be as much fun as a choreographed dance, there is still plenty of variety so the mer won't be bored (I hope).

We are holding this event in Elvendale on a piece of land owned by Klara, the mer I was speaking of. She has built a pond to accommodate the merfolk. And I have begun to landscape the "meadow" with trees and mushrooms. I am pleased with the result so far, but I am nowhere near finished; I want to add lots of flowers and bushes and more trees so it looks like a clearing in a forest, but still maintain the ability to cam around.

I will be working with DJ TinaMarie Beck, one of only two I know who could handle the music assignment. And she has decided to dress as a drow. I only hope she doesn't scare off most of the fae!

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