Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week of February 15

Sunday was a red letter day. Two weeks of planning, a week of dance shopping and three days of landscaping finally ended in the long awaited fae/angel dance. I am not sure how many in total came out to the event, but my circle was full most of the two hours. TinaMarie Beck had meticulously picked out each piece of music for the dance and I can honestly say that not one song was out of place. Tina is a fabulous DJ who takes pride in her work and is a joy to work with. She hand picks the music to match themed events and always knows exactly what will work. I had a ball choreographing with my newly acquired "air" and "fly" dances. We all soared over the meadow whenever the music called for it. And I was disappointed when the two hours were over. :-(

Monday I had the opportunity to do a private party with another new DJ (for me). He loves disco and is building a club. I will certanly go back and visit when it is open. I really enjoyed the music.

Tuesday it was TinaMarie again, but this time at Swoon. I just love the Swoon people: pleasant and happy all the time! The theme was 20'3 - 30's, so I got to buy a new flapper dress. This coming week the theme is 70's so I guess that means disco. Uggh - another trip to sine wave, the place I love to hate when I shop there.

Wednesday Ot sent me 11 new celtic songs, all of which had drums and varying rhythms. So that meant shopping for dances again! (And people wonder what I do with my tips: I never have money left over for clothes!) But the dances were a success. I went to 3FX again and wished I had an unlimited budget. I bought 8 dances before I realized I needed to save enough for rent. Oh! their dances are so much fun!

And last night, Friday, I got to use the dances with Ot's new music. The dances work very very well. If I had more of the same, I could stage Riverfest! Once again the time flew so fast that I forgot to remind my group to come dance. (I usually send a reminder half way through the show).

Today the only pending item is the 007 hour at La Scala: the music from Bond movies and lots of beautiful dresses and handsome government agents! Always a lot of fun. The dance with DJ Andromeda has been canceled because he has a RL commitment (darn that old RL). So I am free to play nearly all day.

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