Sunday, January 18, 2009

Agent 001

Did you ever have such a wonderful time enjoying someone's company that you lost all track of time? That is what seems to be happening to me lately. I don't want to gush, 'cause he reads my blog, but he is fun to hang out with and teases me often. Last night he tried to get me going with the Scottish Haggis Myth... (Yeah and I believe in Nessie too!) Anyway, he doesn't know it, but he is showing me how to relax and play. It is making Emy a better person and trickling down into RL as well.

He wore a kilt to the 007 hour yesterday: he said he had just returned from a mission to Glasgow. And ladies, he has great legs. Emyly Beaumont sighs. I just looove men in skirts. It takes a confident man to wear a tunic or a kilt and confidence is very sexy. Q and M promoted him to Agent 001. (001 has been missing in action for over 7 years.) So we sent him off to China to track down a rumor of microfilm being hidden in diamonds...

Today I will try to load my Intan Couples Dance ball. It scares me a little, so I think I will do one set first and then see if it works.


Anonymous said...

What? Dancing with a cross-dresser, and it wasn't me?!? Jing, crivens and help ma boab!!! (try putting THAT through babelfish!)

Way to go girl!

Emyly Beaumont said...

hmmm, does Bablefish even do Scottish slang to American? We did a celtic set very late last night and I thought about you, as I often do, Cai. Perhaps one of these times we will both be free at the same time.