Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year - New Prospects

I spent most of New Year's Day looking for new clubs to dance at. I set myself a goal of contacting 10 club owners/managers and offering my choreography services. Search is an awesome tool to find clubs, but to really check them out, you need to see them. Some of them had good traffic but lag when completely empty. And many of the land owners had increased the Agent Limit on the land to accommodate more than the recommended 40 AVs. I can understand that clubs want lots of traffic, but at the same time the patrons want to be able to rez and move within a reasonable amount of time after landing. And I, of course, need to load at no less than 10.0 fps. I change scripts 2-3 times a minute when I choreo so even a 2 second lag time blows my timing! Anyway, I tp'd in to about 35 blues/jazz clubs before I met my goal. There was some interest in my services, but when I mentioned my fee (which is very reasonable) I was met with the standard: "Oh, my DJs work for tips alone. We don't pay salary." And I look at the events board and see the names of Live Entertainment (which seems to include only singers, not DJs or choreographers) and I know that these Live Acts get paid several thousands of linden for an hour! I wonder why DJs work for tips alone if they are any good. Is it because there are so many wannabes out there?

Any way, I managed to get a trial run at Swoon. A great DJ: TinaMarie (can't remember her last name) who did a really fun 70's set. Lots of new people to meet and a few names out of the past again: Gray, Ariel, Rollem, just to name a few. And of course my faithful duo - Bilbo and Starr, two lovely people who like to dance. I will be doing an 80's show (on trial again) at Swoon this coming Wednesday at 6 SLT with TinaMarie so be sure to look me up.

But while I was there last night, I connected with a club owner who DJs and who is interested in using me while he gigs and didn't bat at eye at my mention of my very reasonable fee. He is a name out of the long ago and I will have to be sure to catch his shows. He says he plays my type of music so we will see.

I caught up with Ariel yesterday and it was good. Like me, she has been rethinking her role in SL, but I am hoping that the dance will keep her. She knows songs much better than I do because she was exposed to so much music in RL. So the combination of dance and music should make her a good choreographer. SL can certainly use more of us - as long as we can get fairly paid for our unique talents! Dances are not free and neither is rent. I can get along without new dresses, but I still need to have a place to change in privacy, to build/repair my equipment and to chat with friends.

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