Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dancing & Games & Tori

The new booking at Grafton Mall yesterday was a lot of fun. DJ Andromeda Slade played blues in the same fashion that Winston plays. I have been told that Andro is a true music lover with a passion for music that equals mine for dance. He can do any genre I want to dance to - even Broadway! Unfortunately his English is rudimentary and my Italian is non-existent so complicated communications are done through his agent who translates. DeanGrant Caproni, the sim owner, saw me dancing at La Scala one night and decided he wanted me to help him with his events at Grafton Mall. But of course, I need a DJ to dance to,so Dean found DJ Andro for me. I was so worried about dancing to an unknown DJ, but last night everything finally clicked. Andro played nothing that I did not absolutely love! So I now have a regular booking at Grafton Mall every Saturday from 2.30 - 4.30 (SLT). We will be doing different genres each week. And there is the promise of a second booking at Grafton during a week night. :-)

I have been continuing with Tiny Empires and am now a Dame (female equivalent of a Sir). I still have only two subjects and I need to stay at this level if I want to recruit any more, so I guess I will just gather gold for a while and find a peasant to work for me.

And Thursday night I joined the Aglarond Fae. The new Queen of the Fae, Queen Casandra Shilova, has commanded my dance at her Meet and Greet this Sunday afternoon. It is a service I am more than willing to perform for Her, I owe her so much.

I have discovered FaceBook and you can find me there: look for Emyly Beaumont and friend me. I will continue to blog here, but pictures are up at Emyly Beaumont.

Tori Liebling is a very special friend: witty, intelligent, patient and kind. I have known him forever, yet I am just getting to know him. He likes to play and I am taking my cues from him. I love being with him and cannot imagine dancing with anyone else. He took this picture of us and I just love it!

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