Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I love show tunes and my dance HUD is filled with dramatic lively dances that are perfect for dancing Broadway style. And last night I did a two hour Broadway show tunes set at Swoon. OMG! I had so much fun I lost myself in the dance again ... I hope no one noticed! And I was stumped by DJ Lilith Canning; she pulled out a song I had never heard before and I was lost. Many of the B'way songs have speech interspersed by changes in tempo from slow to fast and are very challenging for me - particularly since I have to flip through 15 pages of dances to find the routines. But I had a blast and went to sleep happy and with a smile on my face. And I dreamed of a very charming AV I have been hanging out with so I woke with a smile on my face too.

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