Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Sunday (part 1)

I can remember when my Sundays were days to laze around, reading books and waiting for Tori to meet me and for my evening show. Well, yesterday was one of the busiest, but most rewarding, days of my life. It began with a wedding at 10 AM SLT. Another small fae and I were flower girls. Our job was to scatter white petals from our flower baskets and try to stay out of trouble. Which we mostly managed to do, but we were pretty bored at rehearsal on Saturday and I almost fell asleep. The bride was a beautiful fairy in white and her groom was a very handsome elf. It was an inter-racial marriage, but the only person who seemed to be unhappy about it was Linwe, the elf race leader. I personally have a preference for a male elf, so I am hoping Linwe doesn't find out and get upset with me. (I just love the shiny thing my elf gave me to wear. He says it is a human custom.) Anyway, the fae and elf race leaders both spoke at the wedding and addressed the couple. Linwe wrote the most beautiful poem for them. (She is a bard.) And the minstrel Swith (who had found a dress to wear instead of the rags she usually has on) played on her lute. Of course, I just had to dance 'cause Swith plays such beautiful music, so I invited everyone to join me. The cake was beautiful too, my piece was full of blue butterflies. Here is a picture of me in my flower girl dress. Xavia and I were so cute!

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Casandra Shilova said...

You and Xavia were adorable! You two play off each other beautifully. I'm glad you enjoyed being in the wedding.

I threw my speech together the last 10 minutes before the wedding. Shame on me, but what a busy, busy time I had of it last week.

I think your secret is out....but mums the word in case I'm wrong.