Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Sunday (part 2)

Before the wedding festivities were over, I hurried home to Eirini and shape-shifted back to human. A friend of Tori had asked us to produce a video of her and her boy friend dancing to "The Way You Look Tonight." I spent about an hour on Saturday picking just the right dances to match the soft quiet mood of the song and was pleased with what I had chosen. Tori spent some time with her On Sunday morning choosing the right atmosphere, changing the texture on my dance floor (which was wood so I could practice on it) and generally cleaning up the area. He even made the flower pot into a "dance anywhere" remote so nothing ugly would intrude on the mood. Then the big problem was where would I put my dance ball (he said in the ground and I said NO WAY) and where I would stand so I would be out of the way as I drove the dances. I finally placed the dance ball on the patio where it would be safe and stood down on the beach which ws close enough for me to cam on the couple as they danced. Two and a half hours later (yeah, I was tired, but Tori was probably exhausted) he had enough footage to make a video. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. I had a peek at the first 42 seconds he made - and it is so romantic I had tears streaming down my face. And I know his friend was happy because she told me about it! This is a cropped screen shot from raw video footage.

After the filming was over, Tori and I went to our favorite dance place to be alone and talk for about 30 minutes before he logged off and then I logged off to nap until my evening performance.

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