Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mellow Blues

Tulsa's girl Feenix was online last night, so I gave him the night off. He brought her out to Blues on the Beach anyway, and it was great to see and hear him enjoying himself with her. I have spoken with her a couple of times and her humour is a perfect foil for his. I like her a lot. I sent out my usual "I need a date" notice, with the result that I have a partner for Thursday night dances (and I think he will be a regular, I will have to check.) But last night I danced with the DJ! I got lost in the music a few times and kept forgetting to switch dances (/me makes sad face here) but I had a lovely time. Winston's mix seemed to be a little more evenly balanced between slow and mid tempo this week and that suited me just fine. I love his selection of blues - in fact I have been "following" him for a long time, even trying to go out and dance/listen to him when he did sets at The Pink Rose. He is West Coast, so his sets tend to be late for me. Last night was no exception. With a little encouragement he can be induced to run over and it was 12.30 AM EST before I logged off with the result that I am very tired but happy. I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I rarely remember to take photos when I am working. If you have never been to one of Winston's blues sets, I advise you to try. They are perfect for mellowing out....

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