Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Garden of Da Vinci (part 1)

I knew I was in for either trouble or a great time when Tori started changing clothes. I mean, he donned a purple tee shirt and green sweat pants with black & orange engineer boots AND a checkered hat with a teapot pouring tea! I immediately insisted he changed the boots. Then he challenged me to dress wacky! So I put on a fluffy green mini skirt, an orange blouse, purple tights and red engineer boots. I had a matching hat, so I wore that too. Then he said: To the Zoo! Imagine our disappointment to find the zoo closed. We were all dressed up with no place to go. Not to worry, he had Plan B ready. "Dress Renaissance" he said. But then he put on a lovely 17th century baroque outfit complete with powdered wig. Not to be outdone, I matched him (I just love picking up random bargains) and donned my own curled and powdered wig. The carriage he sent for me arrived at a fantastic castle in the Garden of Da Vinci. What an amazing build. Be careful when you traverse the drawbridge! It can land you in the moat or the dungeon! The castle itself has three stories and lots of famous tapestries including parts of the Bayeux tapestry and several with the lion and unicorn on them which pleased Tori, of course.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to rez a working barge, Tori found a gondola in the lower depths of the castle and took me a boat ride. Along the way we saw primitive cave drawings and lovely scenery.

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Casandra Shilova said...

A great series of posts. The Bayeux tapestry in SL? I must go look. Tori has a nice sense of adventure! Lucky you ;)