Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blues and Dreams

What a wonderful day I had yesterday. I have been working on tonight's late theme show at Linri's - blues. The DJ sent me a play list on Thursday because I had expressed some worries about pulling together a dance list. Hehe - everyone is in for a wonderful time. His choice of songs varies from slow and sultry to, as he puts it, "fast jump blues." But just to be on the safe side of slow and sultry I went out to Sine Wave. I have a love/hate relationship with that place; it is lag city and the dances are scattered all over the entire sim. Thank goodness I have most of the older dances already and only needed to check out the NEW section. Right away I found 4 new dances perfect for blues and a faster one for rock. Last night I introduced all 5 into my set with DJ Allan, but Ariel and Rainne only noticed one each.

Yesterday afternoon, Jim caught up with me while I was getting ready to review the dances and make a list for the notecard. So I invited myself over to his beach house and I danced him while I prepped for the show. I had spent some time making a play list of some of the songs for tonight, so I listened to them while I ransacked my dances to choose ones that would match. So there we were - dancing on the deck while he worked on whatever it was he does and I entered dance names on The List. It was a nice feeling to just know someone else was there. I usually do this alone and I felt like I was sharing, even if what I was dancing did not match the muisc Jim heard. And when I finally finished and turned off my iTunes, I realized that there was no stream on the sim! So Jim had been dancng to silence (unless he had iTunes playing, too.)

Jim is so handsome and sweet and fun. He teases me in open chat while there are others around and I love it. He asked me to be Mrs Claus while he is Santa and to ride with him in his sleigh while he drops presents on sims! Hehe, I wonder what everyone will make of my acceptance! And I hinted that I wanted to see his etchings (as long as they weren't really tatoos.) Goodness, what has gotten into me? I love coming into SL and watching or waiting for him to come on. My favorite words in SL are now: Jim Wheeling is Online. Even if we don't catch up with each other, I get a warm feeling just knowing he is online at the same time. And I have only felt this way about one other person in SL so, yes, it is very special for me. And last night when I used the word "you" he corrected me with "us". So now I am dreaming about a fire in the fireplace and us warm and cuddled on the sofa sipping wine while it snows outside. Lol. Silly dream.


Casandra Shilova said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely dream to me :)

Ariel Mornington said...

I still can't believe I only caught the one dance.. Shoot,.... I need to get dancing with you more again. I think I blame the lag.. lol