Saturday, November 22, 2008

Healing With Friends and Dance

I freely admit that I miss my dancing. So last night I came into SL, warmed up my dances and headed off to Linri's Palace to choreo to DJ Otawan Fouquet's Celtic set. I had IM'd a couple of friends to let them know I was in world for choreo and I was flattered that they came out to say hello. And almost everyone there told me they missed my dance. But not that they missed me. So I am still undecided as to whether I shall stay in SL. I have become defined by my choreography. It seems that is what everyone sees when they see me. No one noticed my new height or my more rounded figure. Oh, I received friendship offers from two men there who I did not know (accompanied by the words "beautiful") but that is nothing new for me. I turned them down. No one said "I would like to get to know you better", they just said how much fun the dance was.

But dancing was healing. I lost myself in the sound and the play of the routines with the music. I rarely know what Ot is going to play next, so I had to focus. I am serious about my dancing and perhaps this has gotten in the way of my being friendly. I cannot pay attention to chat, IMs and the dance at the same time. If you were to dance often enough with me you would know when my attention had wandered off the dance.

I have decided to reopen my blog to the public. I received complaints last night from people who couldn't read it and had forgotten their passwords or were not members. So I will do this much for my friends, but I will not put personal information on it, which was what I had planned to do...

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