Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Starting Over Again

Yes, starting over - but as Emy and not with a new AV. I did start with a new AV, but a friend blew my cover, and I do not feel like setting up a new AV again, so I just started over again with Emy. What can I say? I missed the dance. I know, you have heard this before, but it is true. It is what I live for. I AM Dance.

So yesterday I revived my group and I am going to be aggressive about recruiting members this time. I recruited 2 new members last night at Fibbers and 2 more at Runaround Sue's tonight. These are, of course, players who raved about the dance. But I am up to 32 members, and I am very pleased about that because I had to set up the group from scratch (and memory.) I really burned my bridges when I deleted calling cards as well as friends from my list. But in all fairness, I did not expect to return to SL. I planned to make a fresh start and then decide whether to stay. But it is better this way. I am taking responsibility for my mistakes and will have to rebuild my bridges. And if people cannot forgive me, I will understand. The words from my "missing" friends have been very kind. I will let them decide whether or not to friend me and my friends list will be stronger for it.

The harder part will be obtaining employment, but I have discussed this with a new friend and I have a plan now. [OOC: It is odd how I am now employed in RL and not employed in SL. And like in RL, I can do this myself. I only hope it doesn't take 8 months in SL...]

I am taller and rounder and blonde and will dress as I see fit. I will not be a clown or a slut of course, but I will try not to take myself as seriously as I did in the past. And I no longer look as I did when I was 27 in RL, so it will be easier to divorce RL from SL. I am ready to go forward now and face my life.

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Casandra Shilova said...

Bravo!! Your determination to rebuild your life, is a testament to your courage. It would be so much easier to turn your back on Emy and try again never talking to the people who have hurt you.