Monday, November 3, 2008

I Love My Life

Sure, I keep pretty busy, what with working, and finding the right costume for work, and making up lists of dances to fit "theme" nights. But last night, I got to do something really special for my friends Bilbo & Starr. I was prepping for Otawan Fouquet's set just before we started when my mystitool got whiff of their imminent approach. I instantly IM'd Ot to let her know that they had gotten married that afternoon (in RL) and told her what their special song was. And she turned the evening into a Wedding Reception for them! Lots of beautiful, romantic songs that made your heart sing. Linri put out wedding cake and champagne on the sushi bar and I sent out a notice that we were having a reception for Bilbo and Starr. Starr looked lovely in her beautiful white wedding gown and veil and Bilbo looked his normal, goodlooking self in his old Lincoln frock coat. The attention was focused on them and they are very special people who deserve it! I know it was selfish of me, but I felt so proud to be able to do something special for them. After all, I couldn't make it North for their wedding so this was a way to show them I loved them; choreographing for their SL reception!

And right after that, I got to dance to Donagh Dougall's Latin Rhythms set. Hehe - we all looked great in red; the ladies wore red dresses and the men wore red suits or jackets. Lovely... And the dancing was fun and challenging - exactly the way I like it. But I made a very quick costume change and it wasn't until after the set was over and I had a chance to actually see my feet that I realized I was still wearing the mauve shoes from the prior set's costume! OMG! What a fashion faux-pas. I hope no one noticed. I had such great flamenco shoes in my inventory, too!

I didn't finish until Cinderella time, but I still needed 20 minutes to settle down after the set. I usually can't go to sleep until I have unwound, and it takes about that long for the adrenaline to stop running. So I asked a friend to help me unwind (by dancing and chatting of course). I had checked out Entwined Hearts earlier yesterday because the last time I had tried to dance there, the stream was gone and so were most of the dance balls. But I am happy to report that it is back in operation and just as lovely and romantic as ever, a very peaceful place to calm down after a show. And I love being with this friend because he is funny and smart and handsome and talented and makes me feel very special. I am so grateful for the time we do get to spend together and that he considers me one of his friends.

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