Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy Sunday morning

So what does Emy do on lazy Sunday mornings? Well, this morning I showed Bridget my tree house, got a tour of Bridget's new house (which is being constructed from half a dozen free ones from her inventory) and went swimming in her HUGE new pool. Then I forced Bridget to play Spanish guitar music while I raked through my dance hud, testing dances and putting together a list of Latin dances for tonight's show with Donagh Dougall. Bridget started to build a giant lily pad in the center of the pool but then got distracted in her inventory. All the time we talked about the men in (and out) of our SL lives and had a good gossip while I danced Bridget to my new list of latin dances. Bridget makes me laugh at myself and I can never take myself too seriously when I am around her. And that is good, because now I have to call Bilbo & Starr and congratulate them on their marriage (in RL) I never thought my ex would get married again, but he has really done it! And if he had not come into SL, he never would have met the girl of his dreams. wtg Bilbo!

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