Monday, August 18, 2008

Cease Fire

Will wonders never cease.. I can't believe I choreographed a set for Gerrit Reitman! His regular choreographer was not on line, so being the softie I am, I volunteered to choreo; I will do anything for the Blue Moon and to help Linri out. I learned two things from this encounter with my old flame: first, that I can actually survive helping him out and second, that I still love his taste in music. As I recall, his love of dance and music were two of the things that attracted me to him in the beginning. Ah well, water over the dam. At least I no longer feel like we are at war...

I think I have finally managed to beat this cold into submission. I have never spent so little time in SL as I did this weekend; I came in world only to dress, set up for the shows and perform. And I should not have even done that much, but dancing is one of the things that feeds my ego and makes me happy. I need my daily dancing fix.

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