Thursday, August 21, 2008

A sedate waltz anyone?

I dance in jazz clubs that prefer semi-formal or formal attire. And I don't mind that at all because I love dressing up. But I hate to see my knees poking through my prim skirts when I dance, so I always look for outfits that include system skirts; I think of them as slips. I am in love with the gorgeous gowns at Bliss Couture. I just purchased one on sale for $380 in order to test it. And I wish it had a system skirt. But when I dance, the prim skirt flows behind me and my knobby knees emerge first, clad in pants! What a waste of money that was. The dress will be fine for waltzes, but I never waltz. I seldom dance on couples balls and when I do, I prefer v6 or v7. So many gowns, not enough partners...

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