Friday, August 8, 2008

Great DJs

I just finished choreographing a set with DJ Otawan Fouquet and am still on an entertainer's high. I used to go to Smooth every time I could to dance to her exciting, eclectic mix of big band, swing & other favorites. It became my dream to choreograph and make an entire club dance to her music, but I was too shy to suggest it to the management of Smooth, so my dream remained just that for months. Two weeks ago I dragged one of the Managers from the Blue Moon (my favorite club) out to hear her. She was on his "list" of DJs to check out and I wanted to be sure he heard her. I confided my dream to him - and he made it happen. Ot now plays on a regular basis for the club I work with and I have the time of my life dancing all my friends and the club's patrons to her wild, fun mix of music (and it is not all swing.) Ot's passion in life is music and you know this because the love she has for music shines through second life and onto all of us who hear her in real life. She is enthusiastic and serious about what she does. It is a good thing, as Martha would say. And we are terrific together!!!

DJ Allan Jeffries will always be special to me. It was he who first came up with the idea of us working together to make people happy and forget their real life cares for just a little while by enjoying both music and dance. Allan is a truly talented man, satisfying one of his real life passions by being a DJ in second life. His mix is eclectic and his vocal & chat banter is awesome. He loves music too, of course, and that love comes across with his choice of songs. He has helped me satisfy my passion by encouraging me to become the "dance" in his Dance and Romance set. He had more faith in me than I did and, from the very beginning, made me push my limits. I will always be grateful to him and I will always be there to choreograph for him when he needs me.

Great DJs are very hard to come by, but I have been blessed by being able to dance with two of the best in Second Life.


Casandra Shilova said...

I am so happy for you. That people have given you the opportunity to fulfill your dream. Your enthusiasm is obvious; it comes across during your gigs and spills over to the people who come to dance with you.

Emy said...

Emy bows her head in humility and rubs the front of her right foot against the back of her left ankle. Awww shucks.