Thursday, August 21, 2008

Small packages

I am standing on my pose stand again, attempting to alter the Eowyn White Wool Gown I just purchased, and wishing I weren't quite so comfortable with my petite size. I measure 5'5" without the 4" heels I usually wear and have a very natural shape (almost no bosoms) and I LOVE the way I look. But, gosh darn it, nothing I buy ever fits! Prim skirts drag beneath the floor for at least 3-6" and the "waists" of the skirts are always too wide for my hips. Collars snuggle up against my ears. And don't even get me started on hair! It is frequently too voluminous and cannot be resized SMALLER to fit my size 40 head. Sculptie shoes make my feet look HUGE. My hands are size 15 and all my rings have to be resized. In RL I am 5'1' and I always have to cut 6" off my skirts before I can wear them, but I mean, c'mon, designers - this is second life. Can't you make outfits in more than one size? My grandma always told me that the best things come in small packages (she was 4'11"), but I am not sure about that anymore....

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