Sunday, August 10, 2008

Choices, choices, choices

Gamilia is back courtesy of Linden Labs. LL waved it's magic wand and all the wonder is back, completely, as if it had never been gone at all. I was going to visit there last night but I also wanted to pop over to Ot's set at Smooth. And then I got an IM from a friend. Friends are important and deserve my full attention (which I cannot give them when I am switching dances every 15-30 seconds.) So I went home to sit on my porch and watch the sun set as I caught up with old and new friends.

One of the best things about SL is the friends you make. I must have over 100 names on my list. Some of these names belong to people I never see anymore, who seem to have left SL forever. But I cannot bring myself to delete them. They were such good friends. Suppose they come back and find no one left on their friends list? I would be devastated if that happened to me. And ever since someone told me that deleting a friend is like killing them I have never done that except twice (and one of those friends I invited back with profuse apologies.)

I think I am going to hang out a shingle. You know, Dear Emy rather than Dear Abby. I must get consulted on love affairs gone awry once or twice a day. I try not to offer advice, but you know how it is. I love people and hate seeing them unhappy. So I just share my experiences with them and let them make their own decisions. They will proceed as they see best anyway. But this is such a perfect world in so many ways that people expect perfect behavior from each other. And no one is perfect. Love is accepting each other's imperfections and moving forward. Just like RL, SL relationships entail commitment, respect and the willingness to work together toward a goal. OK, I will get off the soapbox, and go to my favorite world for a while. Now, what will I wear to the Blue Moon's formal Goth(ic) night? Short and sassy or long and sweet? hmmmm

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