Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drow and Zombies

Last night's Fae Fest was well attended. The High King and Queen made an appearance. And many other kinds of fae and some humans showed up too. Early on we had some Drow in attendance, but they left. And after I was told about Drow (they eat fae, humans and even other Drow if hungry enough) I am glad they did not stay. Two members of my dance group were there and had a great time. They are planning to return next week. And Chester showed up too! He said he was late because he had to find something to replace his hat (it wasn't period) and it took him forever. I don't think he likes his hair... At midnight I took him to the caves to show him how lovely they were and on the top level, guarding the tp to the secret garden, was a zombie! It hurt me, but Chester, my hero, killed it! Chester is a very handy guy to have around.

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