Saturday, August 23, 2008

Linri's Palace

What a day yesterday turned out to be! Linri Jewell, the heart and soul of the Blue Moon, resigned. And half an hour later Solenoid Torok leveled the club. I mean, there I was, taking down my dance ball, and suddenly I was in water up to my knees. The club was full of patrons, too. Pfft! Poof! Gone; all of us standing around in the water and feeling very uncomfortable. Things happen so quickly here in Second Life. And just as quickly, Linri bought up the property and promised to rebuild as Linri's Palace. Since everyone was still standing around, I formed a group called Linri's Best and invited everyone that I could see to join. Offers of support for Linri poured in to me (I have no idea why they chose me) and I was 6 deep in IMs before I knew it. I was overwhelmed, so I can only imagine what Linri must have been feeling. She had been worrying earlier that day if anyone would follow her if she ever had a club of her own. It is obvious to her now that everyone values her and loves her just as much as I do.

It will take a few days for Grimz to build; he is a methodical builder and Linri has hinted at an oriental theme. But she will be keeping the beach. My job is finding dances for her new Intan couples ball. Hehe what fun. Now to snag a man for a partner...

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