Friday, August 8, 2008

Devastation in Second Life

Gamilia is gone. The land is there - but just about everything else is gone, destroyed by a hacker, the bane of SL's existence. I am sad and worried. Gamilia was such a lovely place, built with love by people who cared: wondrous caves, a beautiful secret fairy garden, a charming medieval village and a very special apple tree. These are some of the places that linger in my mind. Will the owners be able to build with such heart again?

My favorite club was destroyed last night, too. Grimz & Helene are rebuilding the club and the beach now, as best they can. The owner is on RL vacation for another week or so. I know that The Blue Moon will be up and running in time for the performers today, but this is a small area, not an entire island like Gamilia.

What possesses people that makes them feel the need to destroy the work of others? Was this random violence? Was it revenge for a slight? How do hackers and griefers choose their victims? Do they get off on the power they feel as they destroy and harass? I wish I knew...

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